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Empower Yourself
(and Your Team)
Venekamp Coaching and Consulting

Attitude, Courage, Effort, and Fun


Strengths-Based Approach

Using your gifts

The Gap Year Project

The Foundation for Your Future

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How would you like to control your destiny?  Your future? Your fortune? Be the architect of your life? The Gap Year Project prepares you: prepares you to build a life of learning and growth, prepares you with a foundation before entering the journey of your career, prepares you. Starting with a solid foundation is key to building any project, whether you are building a skyscraper or a tiny house, you need to have a solid foundation to build upon. The Gap Year Project is the bricks and mortar.

Next Step Coaching

Providing focus and direction

Oftentimes seeing the next step is the most difficult part. Our strategy is to hold up a mirror to you and your team. We provide an opportunity for your ideas to grow. We provide support for your team to achieve their goals. In athletics, a coach provides challenge and support, they show fundamentals and hold you accountable. If you need more out of your team, call today for a strategy session.


Empowerment and clarity

Providing energy and guidance

We all have unique gifts, strengths if you will, that with the right motivation can bring power and clarity. Doing what we do best, is not only powerful but liberating. Your most kick-ass life is right in front of you.


Relationship Coaching

Seeing each other better

Couples have unique challenges and our coaching shows the power of the couple in a brave new way. This is not counseling. This is helping you get the most out of each other and see the beauty in each other.


Call / Text / or Email Today and we can set up a strategy session to talk about how we can help.

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